FIMS Hospital | What-Patients-Say-About-us
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What Patients Say About Us

Don’t just take it from us, let our patients do the talking!

 I was very pleased with the kindness and competence of the staff. Very attentive, friendly and efficient nursing staff. The overall service here is world-class. I could not have expected such a hospital in Sonepat. I am highly thankful to the whole team and expect that they will only continue to make it better with time. 

Meena Jain / 45F

Laparoscpoic Hysterectomy

 Opting for a Bariatric surgery was not an easy decision. However, Dr. Anil Jain & Dr. Vidur Jyoti counseled me very nicely and put my all fears to rest. Excellent care and attention at all times – always someone available to give you help and advice. The ICU staff was very caring & helpful too. Thanks to them, I am losing weight like sweat. Well done.

Neeraj Gupta / 28M

Bariatric Surgery

 I am thankful to Dr Manish Kumar & other ICU staff for saving me & my unborn Child’s life.  I can’t express enough gratitude to all the staff for their understanding and extreme kindness. The FIMS team – no word can describe my appreciation to you all – I am so happy. Thank you all for giving me and my baby’s lives back!

Monika Gupta / 26F

Brain Stem Injury (Multiple Trauma)

 After consulting to many doctors in various hospitals I reached FIMS hospital and consulted Dr. Vipin Khatkar. He counseled me in detail about my condition up to my satisfaction. My stay was very pleasing & the nurses were empathetic. The surgery went well and now I can walk properly. I am highly thankful to Dr. Vipin Khatkar and team. 

Hasmat Ali / 58M

Total Hip Replacement

 I was suffering from chronic pain in my leg & hip region. I consulted many doctors for 4 years regarding my condition but there was no improvement. Then a doctor referred me to Delhi for the surgery. That’s when I came to FIMS Hospital and consulted Dr. Ashok Goel. He was very professional yet compassionate, unlike many doctors and counseled me properly. I stayed in the hospital for 7 days and it was like another home. I am free from my pain now, thanks to the surgery and Dr. Ashok Goel.

Priyanka Khatri / 17F

Total Hip Replacement

 I got my spine fractured after a fall accident and got paralyzed in the lower region of my body. After being referred to Delhi by many doctors, my father brought me to FIMS hospital. We consulted Dr. Vipin Khatkar and he suggested a surgery. We agreed after thorough counseling and got admitted. The stay was pleasant as the staff was very helpful and courteous. I recovered soon properly. 

Reena / 35F

Spine Decompression & Fracture Fixation Spinal Fusion

 It was by chance that we opted for FIMS for my surgery. We were planning to go to Gurgaon for the same but someone referred FIMS, and we agreed to consult there. Dr. Manish Kumar was very helpful & soft spoken, and was very much aware of the condition that I was suffering from. He cleared all of our doubts up to our complete satisfaction, and we decided to go for the the surgery & hence, I got admitted. Now, I am free of my spinal tumour. Dr. Manish is very competent and during my stay, he became like a family. 

Sarla Devi / 45F

Excision Biopsy of Spinal Tumour